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Conferences in ZaMir

                ZAMIR --  List of Conferences in ZTN

member in the Association for Progresive Communication

+-----------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | Key Access | | | | ZTN: = for all users | | ZTN# = for all users READ ONLY (R/O) | | *ZTN: = LIMITED ACCESS conference | | *ZTN# = LIMITED ACCESS conference READ ONLY (R/O) | | - in front of the abbreviation means not yet active | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------+

READ ONLY (R/O) conferences are conferences that may be read by many, but may only be written to by certain persons, for example, the moderator of the conference.

LIMITED ACCESS conferences are read and write but for a limited group of users as defined by the moderator of the conference.

LIMITED ACCESS and READ ONLY (R/O) are only to be read by a limited group of users. Only the moderator may write into such a conference.

/ZAMIR/!ALERTS ZTN: short announcements and pointers /ZAMIR/!CONTACTS ZTN: where is who? /ZAMIR/!IMPORTANT ZTN# from administration to you (R/O) /ZAMIR/!WHO_IS_WHO ZTN: Users, Users, Users.... /ZAMIR/A&D/GEN ZTN: Aid & Development /ZAMIR/A&D/SOCREC ZTN: A & D, Social Reconstruction /ZAMIR/FORUM ZTN: your opinion, please /ZAMIR/LIST/BOSNET ZTN# Bosnia & Herzegovina News (R/O) /ZAMIR/LIST/BOSNET-B ZTN# Bosnia & Herzegovina Vjesnik (R/O) /ZAMIR/LIST/CRO-NEWS ZTN# Vjesnik (R/O) /ZAMIR/LIST/CROATIAN-NEWS ZTN# Croatian News (R/O) /ZAMIR/LIST/CYBER/PUB ZTN# Sararjevo-On-Line (R/O) /ZAMIR/LIST/CYBER/TALK ZTN# Sararjevo-On-Line (R/O) /ZAMIR/LIST/HRVATSKI-VJESNIK ZTN# Hrvatski-Vjesnik (R/O) /ZAMIR/LIST/KOSOVANET-A ZTN# Kosova News - Albanian (R/O) /ZAMIR/LIST/KOSOVANET-E ZTN# Kosova News - English (R/O) /ZAMIR/LIST/MAK-NEWS -ZTN# (R/O) /ZAMIR/LIST/MAKEDON -ZTN# (R/O) /ZAMIR/LIST/MAKNWS-L -ZTN# (R/O) /ZAMIR/LIST/ROK-PRESS ZTN# Slovenia News (R/O) /ZAMIR/LIST/SAGE-NET ZTN# Studenst Against GEnocide (R/O) /ZAMIR/LIST/SII ZTN# Serbian Information Initiative (R/O) /ZAMIR/MEDIA/!ACTION ZTN: freedom of expression /ZAMIR/MEDIA/!DISCUSSION ZTN: what is happening in the media? /ZAMIR/MEDIA/!INFORMATION ZTN: opinions, ideas, discussion on media /ZAMIR/MEDIA/ARKZIN ZTN# ArkZin, Zagreb (R/O) /ZAMIR/MEDIA/BORBA -ZTN# Borba, Belgrade (R/O) /ZAMIR/MEDIA/CONTRA_BELLUM ZTN# Contra Bellum, Pancevo (R/O) /ZAMIR/MEDIA/CRO ZTN# (R/O) /ZAMIR/MEDIA/EKONPOL -ZTN# Ekonomska Politika, BG (R/O) /ZAMIR/MEDIA/FERAL_TRIBUNE -ZTN# Feral Tribune, Split (R/O) /ZAMIR/MEDIA/FPB ZTN# Foreign Press Bureau ZG (R/O) /ZAMIR/MEDIA/JUGO ZTN# (R/O) /ZAMIR/MEDIA/OSLOBODENJE -ZTN# Oslobodjenje, Sarajevo (R/O) /ZAMIR/MEDIA/PACIFIK -ZTN# Pacifik, Belgrade (R/O) /ZAMIR/MEDIA/VIJENAC -ZTN# (R/O) /ZAMIR/MEDIA/VOICE ZTN# Voice, Belgrade (R/O) /ZAMIR/MEDIA/VREME -ZTN# Vreme, Belgrade (R/O) /ZAMIR/NET/DISCUSSION ZTN: your thoughts about ZTN /ZAMIR/NET/INFORMATION ZTN# the newest ZTN news (R/O) /ZAMIR/NET/SYSOPS ZTN# eavesdrop on the sysops (R/O) /ZAMIR/PEACE/DISCUSSION ZTN: make love not war !! /ZAMIR/PEACE/INFORMATION ZTN# how to make love not war (R/O) /ZAMIR/PEACE-GROUPS/INTERNAL *ZTN: peace groups only /ZAMIR/SOFTWARE/ANTIVIRUS ZTN: medicine for computers /ZAMIR/SOFTWARE/PGP ZTN: Pretty Good Privacy /ZAMIR/SOFTWARE/POINTS/XPOINT ZTN# the newest version!! (R/O) /ZAMIR/SOFTWARE/TERMINALS ZTN# a few terminal programs (R/O) /ZAMIR/SOFTWARE/UTILITIES ZTN: programs to help you /ZAMIR/SOFTWARE/ZSYSOP *ZTN: for Zerberus sysops /ZAMIR/SUPPORT/ANTIVIRUS ZTN: Ohhhh No! A virus! /ZAMIR/SUPPORT/MODEMS ZTN: ATDP what ?? /ZAMIR/SUPPORT/PGP ZTN: electronic envelope /ZAMIR/SUPPORT/QUESTIONS+ANSWERS ZTN: ?? email problems ?? /ZAMIR/SUPPORT/XPOINT ZTN: a problem, an answer? /ZAMIR/SUPPORT/ZERBERUS ZTN: HELP me with Zerberus /ZAMIR/SUPPORT/ZSYSOP *ZTN: of course it works ;-) /ZAMIR/WOMEN ZTN: for women /ZAMIR/ZAZ/INFORMATION ZTN# status of the environment (R/O) /ZAMIR/ZAZ/GREEN-TELEPHONE ZTN: questions and answers

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