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Die englische Version von StopRFID.
Technics by Harald Manninga — last modified 2006-12-28 19:50
For those who like to know some technicalities we have put together a handful of technical specifications here - always trying to keep it simple and understandable.
2006 Soccer World Cup by Harald Manninga — last modified 2006-01-29 17:54
What could be nicer: A top-event with millions of enthusiastic people who would do just about anything for their most beloved hobby. Add to this a September 11 heralding no end of "threat by terrorism", and you have all the justification you need for just about any measure to cut down on freedom rights as long as there is a sticker on it saying "security". And should the World Cup go past without any assaults you have every justification to afterwards call the whole "security-concept" a success, RFID in the tickets and all, and silence all the critics with a hearty salute: "Hey, all of you conspiracy theorists, hundreds of thousands of soccer fans didn't have any problems with RFID!"
The Pro-RFID Lobby by Harald Manninga — last modified 2006-12-29 16:46
"You with all your fantastic ideas, you're just paranoid!" is what people often say to us. But we aren't just having fantastic ideas, we found these things in the papers from the RFID industry. Here we present a collection of documents from the RFID lobby, that is, from the producers, the retail chains and international RFID-promoting associations. Read for yourself what plans are being discussed openly and publicly in these circles.
Our positions by Harald Manninga — last modified 2006-12-29 17:01
In the course of our work we have written many articles, position papers and lectures, some of which we make available here.
What is RFID? by Harald Manninga — last modified 2006-12-28 15:39
RFID is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency IDentification, i.e. identification of an object with the help of radio waves.
Where do I find RFID? by Harald Manninga — last modified 2006-01-28 22:38
Small RFID tracking chips see increasing use all around us. Whether you are driving a car (ignition keys, immobiliser systems), or are a lumber jack dragging trees about in a forest, or whether you use a skiing lift, visit a soccer game, or wish to register and track the yoghurt cups in the shelves of the small shop you own – almost everywhere you will encounter commercial solutions for the use of RFID once you start looking. And mostly for the sole benefit of the users, i.e. the companies. Personnel, customers and privacy are the ones that bear the risks.
What is the problem? by Harald Manninga — last modified 2006-12-29 14:35
Every so often people try to placate fears: "But, my goodness, 20 years ago everybody was all aflutter about bar-codes and prophesied the see-through citizen (as the German phrase goes), and nothing came of it. What can be so different about RFID?" - That, we are going to explain on this page.
What can I do? by Harald Manninga — last modified 2007-04-11 17:35
We are not out to prevent RFID completely. We are also not out to disrupt the development of RFID, even if people like to read this into our "stop sign" logo. On the contrary. For us, "Stop RFID" means the same as what the stop sign means to traffic on the streets: stop, take a short pause, look right and left, and continue your voyage only when you know that all is safe. We do not want abolishment of RFID but laws that protect the privacy of the citizens.
FAQ English by Harald Manninga — last modified 2007-03-06 13:45
Quite a lot of questions are put to us repeatedly. On this page we try to answer most of them. Have fun surfing and browsing! - We have done everything we could think of to make finding your way through this page as convenient as possible for you. Should you have other searching criteria, please try to look for the word you are looking for through the "search" function of your browser (in most cases the short cut <CTRL>+<F> should do the trick). If you still have further questions or would like to make us aware of any mistakes, please send us a mail to <>!
Press release: Spy chips: RFID industry prefers PR offensive to constructive dialogue by Harald Manninga — last modified 2006-01-31 20:02
Together with FoeBuD, the Deutsche Vereinigung fĂĽr Datenschutz (DVD, German Association for Data Protection) criticises the unconstructive stance of the RFID industry who rather gives criticism-free jubilations than join in a contructive and critical dialogue.
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