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About ZaMir

ZaMir Transnational Net
member of Association for Progressive Communication

ZaMir (for peace) is an electronic mail network in the geographical region of former Yugoslavia especially dedicated to helping peace oriented people and groups, humanitarian organisations, NGO's and the independent media in order to improve their communication possibilities. The network is open to all who want to use it.

Even though it is a time of war, where hate and fear abound, there are people and groups to be found, who are working for a more peaceful society. In spite of what is happening - they are concerned about human rights; they are working towards a free flow of information; they are developing skills in nonviolent conflict resolution; or they are publicly opposing all forms of military activites. This network was created especially to support such work. Without good communications it is not possible to work for better understanding among people nor is it possible to dismantle prejudices based on mis-information.

The ZaMir Transnational Net aims especially to serve people working for: the prevention of warfare; the elimination of militarism; protection of the environment; the advancement of human rights and the rights of peoples regardless of race, ethnic background, sex or religion or political convictions; the achievement of social and economic justice; women's rights; the elimination of poverty; the promotion of sustainable and equitable development; more and better democratic structures in society, especially the advancement of participatory democracy; nonviolent conflict resolution and to aid the communication between all people, especially for refugees. All groups and individuals who are in agreement with these aims will be actively encouraged to join and use the ZaMir Transnational Net.

The ZaMir Transnational Net began in July 1992 with two email systems. The Anti-War Campaign and Center for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights in Zagrab set up the system called "ZAMIR-ZG" and the Center for Antiwar Action in Belgrade set up the "ZAMIR-BG". In early 1994 two additional systems have joined the network: ZAMIR-LJ in Ljubljana and ZAMIR-SA in Sarajevo. In October 1994 a new system in Pristina (ZANA-PR) became a part of the ZTN. In March 1995 we set up a system in Tuzla (ZAMIR-TZ).

From 4 to 12 times a day (depending upon the technical situation) these electronic mail and news systems exchange public and private messages with each other and with other networks in Europe and around the world. Users of these systems can send and receive email to and from anyone else in the world who has an email address. They can reach any address on the Internet.

The users can not only read and write the messages in the conferences / newsgroups. Besides the ZaMir conferences in the Balkan languages, we also exchange certain conferences with the Association for Progresssive Communications (APC), ComLink (CL), Z-Netz and USENET. The Zamir Transnational Net (ZTN) is now member in APC, which is an international network reaching literally around the world. ComLink and Z-Netz are from the German speaking regions of Europe. USENET is the group of newsgroups exchanged throughout the Internet.

Practically speaking, using the ZaMir Transnational Net means that messages sent to public conferences or to private users of these email networks may be expected to arrive within 2-4 hours of being sent. Various difficulties --hardware limitations and problems with the quality of the telephone lines-- have caused delays in the development of the ZaMir Transnational Net. But it has now working and growing. Soon there will also be email systems in this network set up in other cities of the region.

Anyone who is interested in using this network, especially peace groups and their members, alternative media organisations, human rights groups, women's groups, etc. is welcome to become a user. Most of the systems charge no fee for opening an account, but in the future we will have to begin charging a fee to cover the running costs. Up until now most of the costs for this network have been covered with the help of generous donations from supporters from many countries in Western Europe and North America. Special help has also come from the Soros Humanitarian Foundations. To help develop the system and to help other groups to become users of the system we are, of course, dependent upon future donations of time, money and equipment.

ZAMIR-BG is in Belgrade at tel: +381 11 632 566.
Voice support at tel:+381 11 635 813 / 626 623

ZAMIR-LJ is in Ljubljana at tel: +386 61 126 3281
Voice support at tel: +386 61 302 912 (Di and Do 12:00-14:00)

ZANA-PR is in Pristina at tel: +381 38 31276
Voice support at tel: +381 38 31031 / 31036

ZAMIR-SA is in Sarajevo at tel: +387 71 444-200
Voice support at tel: +387 71 444-337

ZAMIR-TZ is in Tuzla at tel: +387 75 239-146 (3 lines)
Voice support at tel: +387 75 239-147

ZAMIR-ZG is in Zagreb at tel: +385 41 271 927. (Node 1)
+385 41 423 044 (Node 2)
Voice support at tel: +385 41 422 495.

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